Week 04 – October 2

Due to technically difficulty please start referring to the class wiki for the week’s events, resources + assignments.
Stop Motion Pitch
The 12 Principles Presentation: Squash + Stretch and Anticipation – Catherine + Ronaldo
Demo: How to Stop Motion w/ Onion Skinning
Intro to Video Editing w/ Adobe Premiere

1) In groups of three, pitch and workshop your stop motion project ideas.
2) Download the Stop Motion App and start doing tests shoots.


  • Read: Understanding Comics Chapters 7-9
  • Share: Post a favorite image of a frame or page from Understanding Comics. Please take your photo into Photoshop and adjust before posting it on the wiki. Resize it, clean up the color,
  • Do: Create a detailed Storyboard for your stop motion project. It must be physical – at least 12 frames and drawn or collaged on cards 5 x 7 inches or larger. Think about your characters actions as well as how you will set up your shots.

    Start animating your project. Bring materials to animate or video footage to edit next class.

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