Week 01 – August 27

Animation History & Intro to the 12 Principles of Animation
Intro to Course, Class & Instructor
Student Past Experiences and Goals
Screening: Persistence of Vision: Intro to Sequential Image Making
Review Syllabus
Setup Blogs, Github + Vimeo Accounts
**Class Notes

Exercise: Posting a link and image to the Wiki.

Read: The 12 Principles of Animation
Share: Re-watch an animation you enjoy. Post a link to the animation online and in a few sentences write about how you see ONE of the 12 Principles of Animation at work.
Do: Make a Flipbook, Zyotrope or other optical object. Bring with you to class next week and be prepared to show it in class critique.

Week 02 – September 4

Intro to Photoshop
Flipbooks (etc.) Due & Discussion
Pixelation Examples
Making Gifs in Photoshop

Exercise: Group Gif Pixelation Assignment
***Class Notes

Read: Understanding Comics Chapters 1 – 3
Do: Our first critique is next week – Project 1 – Animated Gif. Make An Animated Gif thinking about and illustrating at least TWO of the principals of animation. It must be illustrated either digitally, or by hand + digitized. It must contain at least 10 individual frames. Consider the speed – remember: the more frames the slower a movement will appear. Upload it to your blog – post a link to the wiki. After you export your GIF please zip the project as a PSD file and email it to me as well.

Week 03 – September 25

Project 1 Due – Animated Gif Critique
Gif Critique
Assign 12 Principle Presentations
Storyboarding – Planning the Visual Narrative
Screening: Stop Motion
**Class Notes

12 Principle Presentations Schedule


  • Read: Understanding Comics Chapters 4-6
  • Watch: The Making of the Nightmare Before Christmas (24 minutes)
  • Share: Take a screen shot from a moment in the video that struck you. Write a few sentences telling us why you included that moment.
  • Do: In your sketchbook, come up with at least 3 ideas for a stop motion project. Think about stories you want to tell as well as objects or materials you would like to work with. Be prepared to talk about your ideas in class next week.
  • Week 04 – October 2

    Due to technically difficulty please start referring to the class wiki for the week’s events, resources + assignments.
    Stop Motion Pitch
    The 12 Principles Presentation: Squash + Stretch and Anticipation – Catherine + Ronaldo
    Demo: How to Stop Motion w/ Onion Skinning
    Intro to Video Editing w/ Adobe Premiere

    1) In groups of three, pitch and workshop your stop motion project ideas.
    2) Download the Stop Motion App and start doing tests shoots.


  • Read: Understanding Comics Chapters 7-9
  • Share: Post a favorite image of a frame or page from Understanding Comics. Please take your photo into Photoshop and adjust before posting it on the wiki. Resize it, clean up the color,
  • Do: Create a detailed Storyboard for your stop motion project. It must be physical – at least 12 frames and drawn or collaged on cards 5 x 7 inches or larger. Think about your characters actions as well as how you will set up your shots.

    Start animating your project. Bring materials to animate or video footage to edit next class.

  • Week 05 – October 9

    Due to technically difficulty please start referring to the class wiki for the week’s events, resources + assignments.

    Understanding Comics Discussion
    12 Principle Presentations: Staging and Straight Ahead + Pose to Pose – Munesh + Mai
    Stop Motion Storyboards Discussion
    Stop Motion Studio


  • Do: Finish your stop motion projects. Export the video as 1920 x 1080 + upload it to Vimeo. Post a link to your project before 12am Tuesday October 16th.
  • Week 5 – March 1

    Stop Motion Studio
    Understanding Comics Discussion
    Stop Motion Animating w/ Premiere
    Work on stop motion projects.
    **Week 5 – Adobe Premiere Notes


    • Read: Motion Graphics Chapter 4
    • Share: Favorite images from your sketchbook
    • Do: Project 2 – Stop Motions are due next week! Post your finished animation to Vimeo + a link to the class wiki.
    • Be sure to check your link to make sure it works!